Emojis and Text Etiquette (Short Post)

Hello all. I’m inspired to write this blog, particularly due to a recent incident I feel the need to share. In our technological world and particularly within the younger generations, love it or hate it – we TEXT. Now, as a writer, I am a fan of texting.  Not everyone is, I know, and trust me, I cringe when my friends use short hand. When I text, I type everything out as if it’s an email. People who take the time to write out their thoughts  (fully) stand out in my list of contacts.  But text aside, there are those lovely emojis – subjective,  of course, but if used in good context, can provide more emotion in lieu of words. It’s only a matter of time until we use them as anchors to everyday conversations,  running up cell phone bills via continuous streams of hieroglyphics. I digress.

I knew a lot about the famous poop emoji for a while. Now I seem to see it everywhere – in the form of slippers and pillows. It’s a comical novelty item, don’t get me wrong, but at what point is it acceptable to use emojis such as these in everyday conversation? Or is it just that – a joke? Let me know what you think!


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