Neglect ≥ Foolishness ≥ Irresponsibility

Responsibility. I think at some point in everyone’s life, we hear the words, “…you have to be more responsible.” Or, the dreaded, “you aren’t being responsible.” Period. Fortunately such statements aren’t always directed towards us, but merely overheard. I overheard this statement a few months ago between a mother and child. The mother had stated the former of the two quotes to her daughter, still in kindergarten. At the time I found it comical, but now reevaluating it in context, is there an age too young when we should begin to be responsible to some extent?

There is a level of responsibility that comes with living creatures that depend on us. I cover a broad spectrum when I say this, even referring to relationships as well, romantic or otherwise. Houseplants, pets, and children depend on someone to provide for them. As living creatures ourselves, we should (though not everyone is) be responsible with regards to the health of our mental and physical states. Being irresponsible may lead to foolishness. Is this always the case? If we are irresponsible and do not water our plants, feed our pets, or call back our SO after being M.I.A. for a few days, doesn’t that make us foolish? I would think a linear relationship would be evident. Not only is it irresponsible to ourselves if we only ate greasy, fattening junk food, but it would be foolish to do so and subject ourselves to physical maladies, such as clogged arteries. Thus, being irresponsible long enough may prompt neglect. Neglect applies not only to living things, but to our relationships too, although I feel that is something people may not always be readily conscious of. We may forget that inadvertent (or intentional) neglect of relationships usually affects the other living, breathing person on the other end.

Sure, you can mix up the variables (foolishness leads to irresponsibility, etc.), yet they all seem to have a negative outcome. That said, maybe it is best that we all become a little more responsible – weather that’s to others, to our dependents, or to ourselves. Just a thought! What do you all think of this? Are people decently responsible? Should we be more responsible to ourselves and others? Are all three variables (irresponsibility, foolishness, and neglect) an inevitable chain that forms if something isn’t done to break it during the beginning stages? Please share your thoughts/experiences/opinions in the comments section.~


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