Writing War 3 (And share YOUR published /In-Progress Works!)

Hello fellow writers!

The past couple of Writing Wars peeked a bit of interest. So here’s to round three! I’m inviting anyone and everyone here to write up their stories in the “comments” section. Short stories, funny blurbs, favorite sayings, continue the story – whatever. Post it here!

I’m also trying out a little bit of a sub division once again for anyone interested. Here you can also make a shout out regarding your self-published/published work(s) in the “comments” section. Maybe share a work you want to have published one day. Write about it here – promote, share your experiences/difficulties/achievements! My only request is to be mindful and respectful of other fellow writers.

I’ll take this blog to spotlight my newest work Aileron. It is currently available in e-book version on amazon. Out of the novels I have created, Aileron was by far the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. I was out of my comfort zone, shifting from my fantasy niche to science fiction. Soon I will be working on the sequel of the duology – so stay posted, as I will update progress on that. If you have any questions about the writing process, or any of my works, please do not hesitate to ask!~


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