Writers – Masters of Excuse

I will continue to promote and encourage writers to participate in Writing War 2 and its sub division by re-blogging throughout the week. So no, this was not a one day event. Feel free to share your stories.

From hereon in, I feel there is something worth mentioning. As writers, it is interesting that we can be masters of excuses as to why we don’t write. Motivation is only half of it. There are times when we have perfectly uneventful days, of which lack substance. You know what days I’m talking about – the days when you maybe get one major event done and spend the rest of time as a couch potato – or mindlessly completing small tasks that require hardly any attention. Of course, when you scan the channels there is always nothing on, you’ve watched all the good movies already, and your favorite TV series had a season finale weeks ago. Yet, we look in desperation, potentially wasting hours. Then, as the day comes to a close, you think to yourself, where has the time gone?

It may sound crazy, but sometimes we allocate time irresponsibly as writers. At times I’ll sit back and wonder how many words I could have written during the time I was doing XYZ – a completely irrelevant task. There is always time to write a little something. We come up with excuses more readily when we actually have something to write, I’ve found. Once you get the creative juices flowing and you feel like an unstoppable force, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you could be doing otherwise. We all have that drive in us somewhere, sparked in intervals. So if you’ve had some days of sub-par writing, don’t fret. Just make sure you have a pen and paper nearby while watching those reruns!~


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