This is Writing War!

So instead of blogging about my usual writing tips, I’ve decided to do something a little different. I am inviting anyone and everyone here to write up their stories in the “comments” section. Short stories, funny blurbs, favorite sayings, continue the story – whatever. Post it here! However, please respect thy fellow writers and have fun!


2 thoughts on “This is Writing War!

  1. i am a big Jack Handey fan so Deep Thoughts like: ‘Of all my uncles i think i like Uncle Cave Man the most. We called him Uncle Cave Man because he used to live in a cave and every now and then he would come out and eat one of us. Later we found out he was a bear.’

    So much so that i started trying to come up with my own which i called Brett Andy’s such as:

    ‘I would imagine a horse drawn carriage would be a really ugly thing. For starters, it must be almost impossible to grip a pencil with hooves. Plus there is all that fine detail around the edges to consider.’ [Brett Andy]


    ‘Do you think if minutes were edible, they’d taste good enough
    that we’d want to go back for seconds?’
    [Brett Andy]

    And more, which you can take a look at over here:

    Have a great day
    love brett fish


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