Hello everyone! It’s been a while, I know. Life has been busy but very good. I am finishing up Aileron’s sequel and should be ready to put it into print the next day or so. It will be a little while before I release it publicly since there is so much going on.

I had my first NaNoWriMo experience this year and won (at a little over 50k my novel is only half way done) and it was an amazing experience. The writing community involved in NaNo are lovely people. I was glad to be a part of it.

I’ve been very busy working on my creative side and have dabbled in sewing. So, I’ve been updating my creative works on other websites and took a break from blogging for a while. I’ll be sure to start up some new posts in the upcoming days!

Emojis and Text Etiquette (Short Post)

Hello all. I’m inspired to write this blog, particularly due to a recent incident I feel the need to share. In our technological world and particularly within the younger generations, love it or hate it – we TEXT. Now, as a writer, I am a fan of texting.  Not everyone is, I know, and trust me, I cringe when my friends use short hand. When I text, I type everything out as if it’s an email. People who take the time to write out their thoughts  (fully) stand out in my list of contacts.  But text aside, there are those lovely emojis – subjective,  of course, but if used in good context, can provide more emotion in lieu of words. It’s only a matter of time until we use them as anchors to everyday conversations,  running up cell phone bills via continuous streams of hieroglyphics. I digress.

I knew a lot about the famous poop emoji for a while. Now I seem to see it everywhere – in the form of slippers and pillows. It’s a comical novelty item, don’t get me wrong, but at what point is it acceptable to use emojis such as these in everyday conversation? Or is it just that – a joke? Let me know what you think!

Revising – A Blessing or Curse?

Hello all! I am back from a long hiatus. It’s November and I hope all of you motivated writers participating in National Novel Writing Month are enjoying yourselves. As the month comes to a close, some of you will move on to the revising phase. Everyone has their method of writing in general. Do you fall under one of the following categories?

a. Do you write everything until the end and then begin the editing process?

b. Do you edit while you go along?

c. Do you ever STOP EDITING?

From experience, I can say d. all of the above. Do I ever stop editing? It sure doesn’t seem that way! But I will add that there are different kinds of revision, at least for me. The kind of editing I do while I am writing is light revision; basically, I restructure some sentences or dialogue and add to descriptive scenes. Then there is heavy editing, which I leave for when I’m completely finished with the manuscript. Between the two, revising can look like an infinite process.

Now that leads me to my next question: when do you know when to stop editing? The answer is simple: you stop editing if you have a deadline to make or until you are happy with the end result. I deemed my most recent novel “complete” about two years ago, but after several light revisions, was not satisfied with it. It seemed no matter what I did, I was not connecting with it. It read like a first draft. It felt alien to me. Long story short (pun intended) I almost settled with the notion that I could not improve it, only to realize that I had been editing too lightly. In fact, I recognized much later on that I was too afraid to tear it apart! I had spent so many months trying to change my work with minimal effort for the sake of the connection I had to my word count. I didn’t want to undo all of my hard work and investment, but I needed to come up with something. I needed to be brave. So I was, and nearly scraped the entire thing in the process. I chopped over half of my word count. It was a painful process, to say the least, but worth it.  I even shifted around a few chapters. It was the revelation I had been waiting for, the epiphany that filled me with so much happiness that I wept a few tears of joy.

Now I am going through a light edit of it, more so just checking for consistencies in the things I have changed. It should be done by the end of next week. Editing has gone full circle; I gave my novel a major overhaul, including its cover design. Am I happy with my end result? As happy as a writer can be. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that as writers, we may never be completely satisfied with our work. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t let that become an obstacle. Not everyone will love your work…blame human nature and statistics. The important thing is that you love your work. With all that said, be brave fellow writers! Revise – and have fun!~

The End of Character Relationships = Finality? Part 1/2

Hello all! Apologies for being away so long. I haven’t done such a great job keeping up with my blog lately, but I’m back! The topic here is character relationships. Specifically, the end of relationships. I know, it is so short I don’t even think it warrants as a whole part. I was planning on doing a much more extensive version of this topic, so I plan to add on to this very short post in the near future.

Relationships are tools to help us create a multi-dimensional character. Yet, how far do we go when it comes to the end of a relationship between characters? And, unless the character is dead, is there really a finality to the relationship? Sometimes relationships do not last. This is inevitable. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but does the end of every relationship render finality? Better yet, does there need to be? Perhaps these questions hold true in reality as well.When things don’t work out in reality, is that reason enough to cast our characters away and never hear from them again?

How do you deal with the end of relationships in your novels and do they emulate what you see or experience during everyday life?  Do you think the finality of relationships in books between characters is too harsh or unrealistic based on what you have experienced or read (or written, even)? And do you think there needs to be a finality in relationships…ever, generally speaking? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please feel free to share in the “comments” section below!


Neglect ≥ Foolishness ≥ Irresponsibility

Responsibility. I think at some point in everyone’s life, we hear the words, “…you have to be more responsible.” Or, the dreaded, “you aren’t being responsible.” Period. Fortunately such statements aren’t always directed towards us, but merely overheard. I overheard this statement a few months ago between a mother and child. The mother had stated the former of the two quotes to her daughter, still in kindergarten. At the time I found it comical, but now reevaluating it in context, is there an age too young when we should begin to be responsible to some extent?

There is a level of responsibility that comes with living creatures that depend on us. I cover a broad spectrum when I say this, even referring to relationships as well, romantic or otherwise. Houseplants, pets, and children depend on someone to provide for them. As living creatures ourselves, we should (though not everyone is) be responsible with regards to the health of our mental and physical states. Being irresponsible may lead to foolishness. Is this always the case? If we are irresponsible and do not water our plants, feed our pets, or call back our SO after being M.I.A. for a few days, doesn’t that make us foolish? I would think a linear relationship would be evident. Not only is it irresponsible to ourselves if we only ate greasy, fattening junk food, but it would be foolish to do so and subject ourselves to physical maladies, such as clogged arteries. Thus, being irresponsible long enough may prompt neglect. Neglect applies not only to living things, but to our relationships too, although I feel that is something people may not always be readily conscious of. We may forget that inadvertent (or intentional) neglect of relationships usually affects the other living, breathing person on the other end.

Sure, you can mix up the variables (foolishness leads to irresponsibility, etc.), yet they all seem to have a negative outcome. That said, maybe it is best that we all become a little more responsible – weather that’s to others, to our dependents, or to ourselves. Just a thought! What do you all think of this? Are people decently responsible? Should we be more responsible to ourselves and others? Are all three variables (irresponsibility, foolishness, and neglect) an inevitable chain that forms if something isn’t done to break it during the beginning stages? Please share your thoughts/experiences/opinions in the comments section.~

Questions for Writers

Writers write. That’s what we do. But how often to we question our quality of writing? How often do we use word count as milestones for success? How often does writing become an obligation to ourselves? Are there ever times when we are completely satisfied with our work?

Lately, I have evaluated most, if not all, of these questions. And I have concluded that such speculation is normal, and understandable, when talking about a writer. And a perfectionist.  I have become fixed writing in blocked intervals. Sure, I fulfil my daily word count, but at what cost? Sometimes this means of writing influences us to detach from our world and our characters, as an outsider passively looking in. This is notably not writer’s block. The writing spark has just dimmed, for lack of a better word. Have you ever experienced a similar thing?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? If so, how did you go about addressing (and possibly resolving) the issue at hand? Please share your stories here!

Writing War 3 (And share YOUR published /In-Progress Works!)

Hello fellow writers!

The past couple of Writing Wars peeked a bit of interest. So here’s to round three! I’m inviting anyone and everyone here to write up their stories in the “comments” section. Short stories, funny blurbs, favorite sayings, continue the story – whatever. Post it here!

I’m also trying out a little bit of a sub division once again for anyone interested. Here you can also make a shout out regarding your self-published/published work(s) in the “comments” section. Maybe share a work you want to have published one day. Write about it here – promote, share your experiences/difficulties/achievements! My only request is to be mindful and respectful of other fellow writers.

I’ll take this blog to spotlight my newest work Aileron. It is currently available in e-book version on amazon. Out of the novels I have created, Aileron was by far the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. I was out of my comfort zone, shifting from my fantasy niche to science fiction. Soon I will be working on the sequel of the duology – so stay posted, as I will update progress on that. If you have any questions about the writing process, or any of my works, please do not hesitate to ask!~

Writers – Masters of Excuse

I will continue to promote and encourage writers to participate in Writing War 2 and its sub division by re-blogging throughout the week. So no, this was not a one day event. Feel free to share your stories.

From hereon in, I feel there is something worth mentioning. As writers, it is interesting that we can be masters of excuses as to why we don’t write. Motivation is only half of it. There are times when we have perfectly uneventful days, of which lack substance. You know what days I’m talking about – the days when you maybe get one major event done and spend the rest of time as a couch potato – or mindlessly completing small tasks that require hardly any attention. Of course, when you scan the channels there is always nothing on, you’ve watched all the good movies already, and your favorite TV series had a season finale weeks ago. Yet, we look in desperation, potentially wasting hours. Then, as the day comes to a close, you think to yourself, where has the time gone?

It may sound crazy, but sometimes we allocate time irresponsibly as writers. At times I’ll sit back and wonder how many words I could have written during the time I was doing XYZ – a completely irrelevant task. There is always time to write a little something. We come up with excuses more readily when we actually have something to write, I’ve found. Once you get the creative juices flowing and you feel like an unstoppable force, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you could be doing otherwise. We all have that drive in us somewhere, sparked in intervals. So if you’ve had some days of sub-par writing, don’t fret. Just make sure you have a pen and paper nearby while watching those reruns!~

Writing War 2

Since the last writing war went well, I’ve decided to try another round. I’m inviting anyone and everyone here to write up their stories in the “comments” section. Short stories, funny blurbs, favorite sayings, continue the story – whatever. Post it here! However, please respect thy fellow writers and have fun!

This is Writing War!

So instead of blogging about my usual writing tips, I’ve decided to do something a little different. I am inviting anyone and everyone here to write up their stories in the “comments” section. Short stories, funny blurbs, favorite sayings, continue the story – whatever. Post it here! However, please respect thy fellow writers and have fun!